The Subduck Scum Shall Fall

by Artists Are Idiots

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lust4metal amusing concept and artwork but musically of limited appeal to me Favorite track: The March of The Aryan Superducks.
Wade Knapik
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Wade Knapik Industrial grindcore...with duck quacks for vocals. It's weird and stupid, but there are some neat riffs and grooves here.
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We're not rascist or fascists. If Ducks combined with Nazism are not funny to you, please go elsewhere.

Many ducks were harmed making this extended play digital record. Please don't buy, if you want ducks to have a decent life.

Why the name? -Because we are idiots, that's why.
What else? -Well go figure
The Future? -Maybe we'll release some other shit, but for now, no one knows.


released March 12, 2012




Artists Are Idiots Finland

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The music here is under creative commons licence. You can use it non-commercially anyway you like on the condition that you refer the name and link to this page.

<- How many ducks can you spot?
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Track Name: Go Fuck A Duck
Track Name: Duck Blasphemy
If you seriously think ducks can speak, we suggest that you go see a psychologist.
Track Name: The March of The Aryan Superducks
This is an intrumental you fool!
Track Name: The Rise of The Right-Wing Ducks
You still here? You need some serious help..
Track Name: The Fall of The Subduck Scum
You got this far... Nothing can save you now. What has been heard, cannot be unheard.